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little pico I have no fucking idea what this is but I love it. thank you!

damn these just keep getting better

aw man this was the first animation I ever saw of oney's.

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Hi intro. I already know that the scenes are going to be fucking great and all. And the game is good too I bet. but I am stuck on the first scene. I dont know why but I think it may have to do with the saves I have. but anyway. just letting you know. Also I would say this in discord but to be honest your discord has very bad moderation. I wish it where better but all well I thank you for the great games you have produced and excellent job on the art work. I hope to be back in your discord one day with hopefully a happier environment. For now though, I just want to say good job on the game and that bug has happened. I do not know if it has happened to others. But if it just fixes by restarting. I will let you know. Hope you have a great day!

Update: you just have to restart it

love all your games. hope the next project goes well!

nice music too!

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nice cover liken it

Sounds very nice and realxy. I like it alot! also thank you for including the software. I have been just using audacity and my phone. but if I can use that program, I bet I can make stuff higher quality! thank you very much!

pawles22 responds:

Glad you enjoyed! Yeah, you can use LMMS, it's free and I'm pretty sure it should work on all operating systems. It's a nice program once you get familiar with it :)

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are you german?

I really like her eyes. Very well made good job!

thank you. fucking best anime I have seen thus far. seen it a long time ago but still my number one!

FuShark responds:

Glad you like it! I've never actually seen it before. :P



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